Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tomatoes and Beans

Time sure does go by fast when we're having fun or so they say. After the adventure with the rattlesnake I was afraid to go to the garden for a while. When I did I had a mess. The tomatoes and green beans were out of control.

I've been busy trying to put stuff up in the freezer. Tomorrow I'm going after some okra and that will be the end of my freezing for a while. Hope to plant a fall garden so I can have some turnip greens and collards and that will be all till next spring.

I will be glad when we have a break in this hot weather. No rain for several weeks and everything is so dry. The weatherman said we have a 50% chance of rain for the weekend. I hope he is not wrong. I would settle for 100%.

I've been working on some projects and when I have them finished I will post some pictures. I am already thinking about Christmas. It will be here before we know it.

Have a blessed day.


  1. Hi Jo- I wanted to email you with info about the nests but I can't find your email address anywhere. So can you please email me privately- my email is on my righthand sidebar of my blog. I will email you back with all the info! Thanks for your sweet comments.

    I just gotta say that those tomatoes look fabulous! wow- beautiful.

  2. What a good crop of tomatoes. The ones I picked today were split. I am wondering if it is from the heat or what?