Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Adventures of Little Blue Rag by Motorboat

Well now, What do we have here? My little blue rag.

Where have you been? I've been looking for you all day.

You want to do what with my little blue rag? I don't think so!!! It will never go in the washing machine.

I will take a nap on it so you just need to go away. Until next time......

One of my favorite cartoons is Mutts. The cat Mooch is always getting into something. He has a little pink sock he will carry around and sing to it. Well Motorboat has a little blue rag. As you can see in the pictures he plays with it, sleeps with it and loves on it. When I tried to take it away from him to put it in the wash he laid down on it so I just let him keep it.

Have a blessed day.
Motorboat and Jo


  1. Oh Motorboat is so cute and funny!

    Mr. Whiskers loves his little mouse. It has a little pouch of catnip in it and he tears it out all the time. He gets the mouse and puts it on the sofa during the night.

    Miss you girlfriend!

    We need to talk.


  2. How cute is this post! You need to sneak it away sometime when Motorboat is taking a nap. I LOVE the Mutts cartoons!I so know what you are talking about when you said "little pink sock"..LOL. I have cut the comics out and saved a bunch of them with Mooch. Too funny!

  3. Meow Motorboat, this is Oliver ..
    I'm glad you stopped by today, you had the windy weather too , wasn't it fun !
    I have a favorite mouse, it shouldn't go in the washing machine or it wouldn't smell the same.
    Stop by to see me sometime, I'll share with you.