Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who did I find today?

Today I went to a local antique store, Apple Barrel Antiques, to inquire about renting a space. After talking to the young man I decided to walk around and look. Maybe I would find something with cherries on it.

I found all these little teddy bears looking for a new home.

All sorts of pottery, glassware, pictures, dishes, old canning jars, just a little bit of everything.

Looking toward the front of the store from upstairs

Looking toward the back of the store from upstairs. There were old beds, quilts, dressers, cradles, some shabby chic and some very old things. And then as I turned the corner to go back downstairs there HE stood in all his glory in that white outfit we all remember him in and looked like he was singing. I wanted to take him home but where would I put him. I will just have to see.

You see ladies Elvis is still around after all these years, he's been living upstairs in the antique store on Hwy 78 in Oxford, Al.

Everyone have a blessed day until next time.

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