Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Well hello. I would like to stay and talk but my chair awaits and I must go.

I just love having my picture made but they tell me I have to share my chair because there are others who want to have their picture made, so I must hurry.

I have my Easter bonnet on, do you?

Now let's see if our picture will turn out good.

Look at me, you have to behave because someone else wants our chair. We have to hurry.

Alright, we did good, now who is next?
Look what a pretty little girl.

Is is alright if I get in the chair now?

And now there is only one more little girl to have her picture made.

Can I bring the cat.

Well picture time is over and we all need to get ready for the Easter parade.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and let's remember what we are celebrating.
Not all the Easter eggs and bunnies, but that Jesus arose from the grave.
Have a glorious Easter.

Have a blessed day.
Til we meet again.


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