Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On my way to England

And the story continues.......
I decided to make the trip in September. I had a friend at work that love to travel and he said he would fly over with me and then fly on to Germany for the second week of our trip. I had to get a passport and after that we got our tickets. I was so excited about going. Things were finally coming together. They did a story in our local newspaper about my trip to see my mother. You see it had been nearly 50 years since she had seen me. I was very nervous and excited at the same time.

We boarded the plane in Atlanta, GA and flew all night. Not only was I nervous but also excited about the trip. I was scared about flying for you see I had only been on a plane one other time, it was much smaller and a 3 hour trip. Some of the people aboard the plane slept including my friend so I had plenty of time to think and get more nervous. I think that is what probably made me a little sick. A stewardess saw that I was not feeling well and ask if I needed something. I told her I was nervous and felt a little sick. She carried me to the back of the plane and got me something to drink and some crackers to eat. We decided it was only a case of nerves after I told her why I was going to England. It wasn't long before I was calm and ready to go back to my seat.

We had a good flight over and by the time the plane landed everyone knew why I was going to England. When we landed at Heathrow airport in London it seemed like it took forever to get our bags and go thru customs. And then the long walk to where people were waiting.They were suppose to be holding a sign up with my name on it but they forgot it but we had no trouble recognizing each other. The tears began to flow as we ran to each other. It was as if we already knew each other. She was so easy to talk to. At the airport along with my mother was a half sister and my mothers' husband. They had only been married about 2 months.

So here we are. Our first picture together. Peter on the left, my mother,Jean, in the center, my half sister Jenny in the background and I am on the right. As you can see we are very happy. They had planned a wonderful 2 weeks for traveling over the countryside.

More to come....

Have a blessed day.
Til we meet again...


  1. What a happy outcome! Have a wonderful time together.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. I'm so pleased you've made this trip. I've only just stumbled across your blog today, what an amazing story you have! Hope you have a fantastic time in good ol' Blighty!

  3. You and I are partnered up for the Autumn Tag Swap. I will need your address so I can mail it to you!

    Happy Fall!


  4. Thank you for coming by my post today! I will email you again. Did you get the email I sent you already? I will email you a different email address from gmail and see if that works for you.