Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bible Journaling

Hello friends,

I hope some of you are still out there after all this time. It has been a long, long time since I wrote anything since I lost my husband in 2012. These last 5 years have been rough. Not only did I lose him I also lost my dog Pennie in 2013.  He had given her to me for my birthday the year we were married in 1999. She was almost 15 when she died. Then the next year, in 2014, I lost my cat, Maverick, that he brought home from a jobsite on the day before Thanksgiving the next year. But as we all know life must go on. So let's fast forward to the year 2017 and move forward.

I have started many projects during this time and I guess my favorite right now is bible journaling. I purchased an English standard version single column journaling bible. I really do like it because it is so easy to read and work in.

I love the columns that give you a place to write. I make sermon notes at church on Sunday and also do some drawings. You can take a verse and expand on it by drawing or just writing out the verse. Sometimes it takes a while to decide which one to do. In the beginning I would look for inspiration on Pinterest. There is so much out there. All you have to do is look or maybe even google the subject of bible journaling and you can find a lot. Hopefully within the next year I will have a lot done.

Washi tape on the edges at the beginning of each book.
I went to a journaling class at my local Lifeway Bookstore and got the idea of using the Washi tape from someone who was there.

This is some of the artwork I've been doing. Sometimes it take a while to decide which verse to do. I look for inspiration on Pinterest. You can get some good ideas and a lot of the ones on there you can download and just trace on the bible pages. I use Prismacolor colored pencils to color with. To me they are one of the best. The colors blend very easily and the lead is soft so it colors real well especially on the thin pages of the bible.

This was the first one. After I did it I was hooked and would sometime look until late at night trying to decide which one would be next.
This is one of my favorites.

One of my favorite verses.
I have a lot more work to do on this. Hopefully I can share some more at another time.  Feel free to comment and if you are not a follower I would love for you to joining me on this my next journey of my life. We never know where it will lead.

 Hope you have a blessed day.
Til we meet again....

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  1. Wow Jo! You did a great job in your bible. It's just so beautiful and inspirational. I'm so glad you wrote about it and shared it on your blog.
    Oh, and your blog looks great!