Saturday, June 5, 2010

Snakes, Snakes and more Snakes

Yesterday when Roger got home from work as he came down the steps in the front yard there was a big black snake laying in the way. This makes the third one in less than a week. Where are they all coming from? Well as you can he was back again this morning and I got several pictures of him. He's about 4 foot long. He's living under the crosstie steps in our front yard.

Click on the picture to make it larger.

This is Motorboat, MoMo for short.

He got his name because he purred so loud when he was little and he is also crosseyed so maybe he would see 2 snakes. I hear that a cat can charm a snake. Maybe I need to send him outside and see what he can do.

as you can see from his big mouth he is getting very sleepy.

Of course he loves to sleep so maybe not. He could be dreaming about the snake. We will never know.
Thanks for dropping by and until more snakes everyone have a blessed day.


  1. My cat, Boots, says your cat is one cool dude! I have never seen a cross-eyed cat before. I am wondering if it affects his jumping abilities etc. Our cat is 15 years old and he is still very playful and agile. His vision isn't quite what it once used to be , so he is careful how he jumps. Once in a while he will brush something and it will crash!! BUT not to often.

    I have heard that some snakes are good for keeping the rodents down. So do you think that snake is one of those rodent eating ones (or do all snakes do this???).

  2. Hi, again--I'd love to see a picture of that sock monkey!

  3. MoMo is so cute. Although I cringe anytime I see any snake, I think you have a beneficial one there. Black snakes feed on rodents. And he's harmless to humans and pets.